Today I got my new mouse! I didn't realize how spoiled I am by a high resolution mouse. My laptop came with a Razer Copperhead that I liked but the left button died on it and my efforts to fix it were for naught. I used an old Microsoft wireless mouse I had that was decidedly not high resolution.

I researched and found that the one of the best gaming mice was the Logitech G500. I've always had really good luck with Logitech products so I was seriously considering it. While I was mulling it over I found out that Newegg had a $20 rebate on the mouse and that was tempting. Then, I found out there was a coupon that would bring the final price down 60% all together so I had to pull the trigger.

With the small amount I've used it I love it. It fits my hand perfectly and the adjustable weights really make it easy to use. I loaded it up with a mix of the heavy and light weights and then decided on all heavy weights to put in it. I like the heft and the solid feel when I'm moving it around. The scroll wheel being switchable from "clicky" to free wheeling it extremely nice. It's resolution goes up to 5700 DPI which is a bit insane. I've got it about 3000 for regular use and 4000 for in games. My old mouse was 2000 DPI so this is even more precise. The sides are rough enough to give a good grip without being uncomfortable.

I'm very, very happy with the mouse. Here are a couple of pics.

From 7-2010

From 7-2010


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