Laptop going back again

I sent my laptop back again this morning. I had sent it in last week for problems with the display showing weird static. When I talked to tech support they said that it was probably either the LCD or the video card so he said they'd replace them both. Well, they only replaced the LCD and after about 2 hours of use my problem was back. And as I packed it up to ship it back I noticed that the lid was scratched and it wasn't before. Whoever packed the laptop didn't pack it well enough to keep it from getting scratched so I called Asus back and told them about that. At that point I was told my case was going up to the supervisors and that I'd hear from them. That's where I am now.

The laptop is an ASUS G71G-Q1 gaming laptop. It was expensive because I wanted a laptop that I could play most of the current games on and it had the best features for the price. ASUS has a good reputation for most of their hardware but apparently sometimes you get a lemon.

I'm tired of this. I'm really frustrated since I've only had the laptop for 5 months and won't have had use of it for 3 weeks of that. If this doesn't fix it and I have to send it back again then it'll be a full month with shipping and repair times.

I'm at the point where I think this won't be fixed this time either. I'm just not confident in the technical prowess at the repair facilities.

Maybe I'm just being defeatist. Maybe not.

No blogging lately

I haven't been blogging much lately so I'll try to put up some stuff that's going on.

I finally sent my laptop back to get fixed. I'd been putting it off because I didn't want to be without it but it started having a funky video issue constantly so I couldn't put it off anymore.

Still watching the Tour every day and I'm rooting for Team Columbia/HTC. I like those guys.

Work is work as usual. I'm learning more about our newest product every day so I'm getting more comfortable with it. I was struggling with it for a while because it was so different from what I have been supporting since I started at the company 8 years ago. I always thought it was a cool product and a big leap forward, it was just a completely different way of thinking.

I'm using Twitter a little more but I don't post much on there. I don't have a whole lot to say but I like to read what other people are saying.

I've got some vacation coming up the last week of July. I don't think we're planning on doing ANYTHING, and that's good. I do want to go get some of the best barbecue I've ever had in Barnesville at Georgia South Barbecue that week. I like my barbecue sauce to have a vinegar base and this place has that. They also have some of THE BEST Brunswick Stew I've ever had. There was a place called Mrs Creel's that we used to eat at when I was a kid. She had the absolute best Brunswick Stew ever. I had been trying to find someone that made it like she did and these folks do. I may have to get a gallon of stew and a couple of pounds of barbecue to take home.

Tour de France 2009

I'm watching an encore showing of the Tour de France coverage right now. It's time trials today and I usually find them kind of boring but not today! It's pretty crazy how fast these guys are going.