Home built uke

I got a kit from Grizzly and built myself a soprano uke! I didn't do too badly on it I think but I learned a lot so next time will be even better. Once I get the parts I'm going to be building a cigar box uke.

They start out like this.

After a bit of this.

And this

They look like this.

It's not strung right in that picture. It is now though. It sounds pretty good. It's got a bit of a tinny sound to it but sometimes that's what you want when the song calls for it.

Georgia Cup Race

Last Sunday Ami and I went to watch the Georgia Cup Road Race out in the east Macon area and we got some pictures. Wanna see 'em? Here they are.

Peloton coming up a hill.

The look on these guys faces. It's just getting started.

And they were gone.

The riders coming up on a turn that goes up a hill.

In the turn.

I like this shot of some of the guys going up the hill.

I have decided to get back on my bike and try to get back into shape and hopefully ride in one of these races in a year or two.

New project

I'm going to be working on a project this week and will hopefully have it done by Sunday. I'll be getting Ami to take pictures while I work on it so I'll have a start to finish photo set I hope. I'm pretty excited about it and once all my tools are gathered it should be pretty easy to get it done. If all goes well this won't be the last of these projects.

The Martin Style 3 ukulele

Out of the many cool vintage ukuleles out there I really do love the Martin Style 3. I love the appointments on this model in either koa, mahogany, or cherry. Most folks seem to gravitate toward the more ornate Style 5 but I think the Style 3 has such a unique look with the stripes down the fretboard, the matching inlay below the bridge, and the really unique fret markers. If ever I won the lotto (you have to play to win, so not too likely) I'd get one, even if it were a newly produced one. It doesn't help that one of my ukulele heroes, Ukulele Ike (Cliff Edwards) played one.

June 6th 1944

Please take some time today to remember the sacrifices that were made on June 6th 1944, D-Day. It was the beginning of the end for the Hitler's Nazi Germany although we didn't know it.

I think this is obvious, but

Someone actually tried to send a ticket to me that was about a server with smoke coming out of it. At that point, don't you think it's beyond help by someone remotely connecting to it?