Today would've been my best friend Michael's 36th birthday. I often wonder what he'd be like today. Where would he live? What would he be doing for a living? Would he be married? Would he have kids? Would we have drifted apart like so many friends do? I'd like to think that we wouldn't have.

I miss Michael every day, not just on his birthday; but I do like to commemorate the day somehow, even if it is just with a blog post.

From 7-2010

This picture has a little bit of a story. It was taken with my mom and dad's Minolta X370 over an already exposed roll of film. I'm surprised that these came out at all but I'm very glad that they did.


Anonymous July 17, 2010 at 9:07 AM  

It was meant for you to have this picture . Keep your memories. Love you

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