Even more on shaving

Here is a list of shaving related resources that will get you going.

Badger and Blade. The forums here are more safety razor oriented but they also cover straight razors. They have a great reviews section that I always check before buying something.

Straight Razor Place. THE place for straight razor info. Run by Lynn Abrams whom many people credit with the resurgence of straight razor shaving in the past several years.

I don't get any money if you buy from these places. I'm just a customer and had good experiences with them and their products.

Straight Razor Designs. A great shop to get gear, run by Don Addleman and Lynn Abrams. I got my Dovo Special from them and was very pleased with the experience. They have a wide range of products and a huge selection of pre-sharpened (aka honed the right way) straight razors.

Classic Shaving. I got several things from here and was pleased with the experience. Some stuff you can get nowhere else.

Mama Bear's Soaps and Gift Shop. I haven't bought directly from here but friends have and loved it. I got some of the Earl Grey shave soap from a friend and was very pleased with it.

The Well Shaved Gentleman. This is where I got my strop for my straight razor. All hand made and the quality is top notch. They even have vegan friendly strops.


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