Here is the scourge of our bird feeders. I wouldn't mind them eating out there so much if they didn't destroy everything they can. We had one of those bird feeders that has springs on it and it slides down to cover the food holes when a squirrel gets on there. They broke the springs in a fit of "if I can't have it, nobody can!" They wreck most wooden feeders as well by chewing huge chunks out of them. I even used some of the "hot meats" bird food that's supposed to burn their little mouths but they would just eat it then go to the bird bath and drink. I'm thinking of giving up and putting out a squirrel feeder.

That, or get a much more accurate pellet gun.


Anonymous January 28, 2010 at 6:35 PM  

Sorry they are so bad, but they are fun to watch.Don't give up.

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