Hey, a blog post NOT about shaving! Here's a picture of Sleepy in an IKEA basket. Cats love squares and cubes like boxes and baskets. I don't know why.

From Photo 365

I'm going to expose a secret on this here blog today. We're going to IKEA next month and I have a secret. I LOVE IKEA. I love to shop there and I love the food in the cafeteria. Ami and Ginger talk about it more, but I love it too. We always make it an all day affair and we try to get other people to go and addict them, too.

Bonus picture of Sleepy in the window because she's adorable.

From Photo 365


Ginger January 20, 2010 at 10:27 PM  

I always knew you were an IKEA whore but I'm relieved for you that you finally admitted it. Ha!! I can't wait to go back next month!!!

Sleepy is so dang cute!!

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