6/20/2010 Father's Day

We went down to Oglethorpe today to visit the families. While we were down there we took some pictures of "downtown" Oglethorpe; Ami with the DSLR and me with the TLR. We'll have to wait to see how mine turn out.

On the way out and on the way back I took some pictures with my iPhone using good ol' Hipstamatic.

Coogle Road. It used to be a cement road but now it's black topped. It's kind of sad. I miss the thump-thump thump-thump of driving down it.

From 6-2010

This is the road I grew up on. It's called Jake Smith road but to me it'll always just be "the dirt road".

From 6-2010

This is the other side of Coogle Road where the dirt road crosses over. Down this road lies Ms McClendon's house. She was a very sweet lady that I'd do chores for sometimes.

From 6-2010

This is a dark shot of a place we used to call "Snakey Hollow" as kids. It always looks like you'd step on a snake if you walked down there.

From 6-2010

Sunset in Macon County. Sometimes I miss it, but I think I just miss the people.

From 6-2010


Ginger June 20, 2010 at 10:49 PM  

Gorgeous pics, Brian!!

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