6/11/2010 My 200th post

Wow, 200th post!

Today at lunch we went over to Sam's to pick up some stuff. While there I saw something RIDICULOUS!

This is Sam's. These are wholesale prices, probably the cheapest per unit price you can get.

Gillette Sensor blades. 2 blades, a little plastic, came out when I was in high school in the early 90s.

From 6-2010

Yeah, $37 for 25 of them. Almost $1.50 each. They probably cost about $.05 each to make.

I didn't see the price for the Mach 3s. I imagine it was more than the Sensors. The Fusion cartridges are $42 for 16 of them. That works out to $2.63 EACH!!

From 6-2010

Now there's the new razor Gillette has put out, the Fusion Pro Glide.

From 6-2010

Yes you see that right.

From 6-2010

$48 for the razor and 16 cartridges. They're mostly plastic with a tiny bit of metal for 5 blades. That works out to $3 FOR EACH CARTRIDGE!!!! At that price I'm going to assume they give you the razor itself for free.

If you're sick of spending this much on shaving please refer to my older posts about shaving!!!


Ginger June 11, 2010 at 11:25 PM  

That is crazy!!!! All your shaving posts make me wish I had whiskers.

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