Today was Mother's day. We spent the day with family down in Oglethorpe. We had good food and good company. The steaks that Ami's brother Ricky cooked were OUT OF THIS WORLD! Even well done they were tender and juicy. Better than any steak I've ever had at a restaurant.

We saw both of our mamas and had a good day. We were worried about Trudy but she was OK.

I mostly took shots today with the Yashica. I don't need to make that a habit but it's fun. This is one of the only shots I took today with the Sony. It was one of the best smelling roses I've ever smelled. It came from one of Mrs Alice's roses. I don't think she has green thumbs, I think her whole arms are green!


Anonymous May 10, 2010 at 3:17 PM  

Thanks, love u

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