Tonight it finally rained after teasing us for a few days. It rained nice and hard for about 30 minutes and I took advantage of it out in the chairs on the porch. I was looking up where my head was naturally facing while it was laid back against the back of the chair and thought that'd be a cool shot. I took two long exposure shots with a tripod.

This one is two seconds.

From 2010-05-29

This one is ten seconds.

From 2010-05-29

I really enjoyed feeling a little of the rain mist in on me, the sound of the pounding rain, and the rumble of distant thunder.


Anonymous May 30, 2010 at 10:43 AM  

Mr. Rick said"that sounds like him". He takes a cup of coffee with him. You done been in the family too long. It's growing on you.

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