Big weekend coming up

This weekend we'll be just around the house. We don't typically do anything on holiday weekends if we can help it. If we do, it's just to go down and see our parents usually. We try to stay off the roads when there are lots of people traveling.

Next weekend, however, will be a big one. We're going to see Jake Shimabukuro live in Atlanta. He's an AMAZING ukulele player. As seen here:

That video is one of the reasons I picked up the ukulele. I was just amazed at what that little instrument can do.

I've been slacking on my practicing lately and really need to start back practicing in earnest. We bought some wall hangers for my ukes and hung them over my desk so they're at hand all the time. I think it's since I've gotten my new laptop that I just started slacking. Ah, the siren call of video games.


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