Wee Kitten

I talked about Wee Kitten before but never explained what happened. Wee Kitten came inside and became Oliver. I know, I thought Wee Kitten was a girl, but I was way off. He came in on 1/15 and has been rip-roaring though the house (in the cutest way possible) since. When he first came in, he was about Trudy's size. Now, he's much bigger. He's getting to be Black Kitty's size and he's only 8 months old!

He's pretty adorable. Ami took all of these, by the way.

From Oliver

From Oliver

Oliver and Trudy are like peas and carrots.

From Oliver


Anonymous April 13, 2011 at 7:04 PM  

They so sweet! He sure has grown fast.

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