Photographers I like

I decided to do a list of photographers that I like and that inspire me.

First up is Mark Tisdale. I went to high school for a little while with Mark and he is a friend of one of my best friends, but back then I didn't know he was a photographer. Mark has a great eye and is exceptionally talented behind the camera and in post production. His photographs really become art.

Next is Vivian Maier. She was an undiscovered talent in her lifetime and there's been a lot of hype about her and some people are turned off by that. I like her work a lot and it inspires me to start shooting street photography.

Then, there's Henri Cartier-Bresson. His images are all over the web. His eye was simply amazing and his ability to capture just the right moment was uncanny.

I also really like Bruce Gilden. His work is extremely interesting to me. His style is very in-your-face street photography with a handheld flash. I thought he was crazy at first, but I love his results.

Bruce Gilden: 'Head On' - Trailer from Olivier Laurent on Vimeo.

That's just a few. I'm also influenced and amazed by the good folks over at Rangefinder Forums. Check out the gallery there.


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