Look who's back

After a pretty brief trip to New York City my Fed 2 is back!

From Fed 2

I sent it to Fedka for a CLA. CLA stands for Clean Lubricate and Adjust and it's pretty normal for these cameras to need it. Mine was made in 1959 and probably sat on a shelf for years before being put on eBay by a Ukrainian seller. While it was there I got a new set of shutters put in as well. I'm currently shooting a test roll through it which will be the first roll I've been able to shoot in this camera.

Fedka was extremely fast with this service and Yuri kept me in the loop on what was going on. If I ever need any more service on a classic camera I'll be sending it to them. If you want to get a good Former Soviet Union camera, I'd get it from Fedka rather than eBay.

This camera has no light meter so I'm having to learn about the Sunny 16 rule. It makes a lot of sense, it's just something new to learn. It's not perfect, but neither are meters, even the expensive ones and ones inside of digital cameras. Even if I was just shooting with my Yashica GSN, that has a built in meter, it's a good technique to know.


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